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We are proud donating to Rainforest Rescue, helping to buy back precious areas of environmental significance around Cape York in Far North Queensland.


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welcome to GlowPrint

Electroluminescent lamps supplier - Australia

Wholesale and Retail


Glow Print specialises in custom electroluminescent lighting solutions. Committed to highest possible quality we supply custom made and standard size flat lamps, EL wire and accessories. Electroluminescence or short EL opens the door to backlighting and decorating in areas and ways previously not possible.

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Floor Poster Mat with EL back-light

Floor poster mat display with EL backlighting to increase product and brand awareness at point of sale. It is effective, easy to use and re-usable.


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Watch the video to see some EL applications


How does electroluminescence work

Electroluminescence is the process of printing lamps that are as thin as paper. A layer of phosphor paste is screen printed onto a transparent polyester electrode, ITO, followed by two layers of dielectric, as insulator.





On top of that we print a layer of silver paste as a second electrode.


When you connect both electrodes to an electrical current the Phosphor layer emits light. Cover that with your graphic overlay, seal it by laminating and you have a sign less than half a millimeter thick.

The same principle applies to wires.


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How to choose the right EL

You are able to apply electroluminescence in many different ways. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, in your shop or car window, at the markets or anywhere else where traditional backlight advertising is too difficult to employ. You can have EL signs custom made or opt for an EL panel only and be able to change the image overlay. Choose between an AC or DC powered if you need a mobile sign. 

Not sure? Need advice? Please contact us.

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Electroluminescent products and prices

We offer a personalised service to business and individuals who like to explore their options for customised electroluminescent lamps i.e. odd shapes and animation.


While most EL has to be tailored to your specific needs you also have the option to buy more cost effective standard DIN A size EL panels.

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How to get a quote and order a custom made EL

For a free quote or more information please call 0401238101, use the enquiry form or chat with us on SKYPE.











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EL wire bike light
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3M double side tape
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